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My name is Zach, and I love warm circuits!

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I am a problem solver of the digital kind.

For those that prefer titles, I am a Software Engineer. I am not particularly invested in my title. For me, this title serves no purpose. I would instead like my work to speak for itself. I have expertise in Full Stack Web Development and Cloud Services. I am comfortable with Networking and System Administration. I dabble in Electrical Engineering and Robotics.

If you need help sleeping, please expand the list below for a detailed view of all my

  • JavaScript / TypeScript / NodeJS
  • ReactJS
  • Next.js
  • Git / GitHub
  • REST / API
  • Docker / Containerization
  • AWS / GCP / Azure / OVH / DigitalOcean / Linode / etc. / etc.
  • MySQL / MariaDB / PostgresDB
  • MongoDB / CouchDB / Couchbase / Firebase
  • Tailwind CSS / Material UI / Bootstrap
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Python
  • PHP / Symfony
  • Portainer
  • ProxMox
  • LXC Containers
  • VMs ( and virtualization in general )
  • Networking
  • Wireguard VPN
  • Hacking
  • Arduino / Raspberry Pi / Microcontrollers


My first strength is Prototyping. Ideas are hard to articulate at the beginning of a project. Prototyping gets a product in the end-users hands quicker and facilitates better feedback. Iterating on feedback is faster than scrapping an entire month’s worth of work because of a misunderstanding. My second strength is attention to detail. I create responsive websites that look great on all screen sizes. I look for little touches that can make significant differences, like subtle box shadows or border radii.


My first weakness is Microsoft Windows. I use it every day for personal and business use. Though for web development, I am much faster and more capable of configuring a Linux box than a windows server. My second weakness is proprietary software. I’ve not much experience with any of it. The success of my career has been my ability to leverage open-source software to solve problems, even if that means getting my hands dirty.

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